Stacey Blanchet has launched careers in film making, fashion and books. Because of the many areas she has navigated, there is much interest in her life story.  For more information on all those areas, please visit her website at


Marketing, Public Relations and Brand Development.

* Imaging & Brand Message Development

* Liaison between the celebrity, journalists and the general public.

* Create relevant, timely, tailored pitches to digital/print magazines, radio/TV/online shows and newspapers

* Secure publication and media interviews

* Maintain positive relationship with press

* Coordinate publicity events

* PR Outreach, Negotiation and Coordination

* Client escort on red carpets, events and press junkets

* Conduct necessary damage control


$1500 - $3000 monthly depending upon scope of work. 

$150.00 - One Hour Consult

$250.00 - Two Hour Consult

$500.00 - Three to Five Hour Consult (Flat Rate)